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Langdon Hospital is a new mental health facility in Dawlish, Devon, designed to ensure the safety of both patients and staff by providing a robust construction capable of withstanding any attempt to damage the external facades. The substrate was created off-site using the Kingspan panel solution that was pre-boarded utilising the RCM Y Wall sheathing board.

This frame had to withstand the potential physical abuse of the occupiers in which a double boarding method with a layer of aluminium sheeting in between was used.

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The SPSenvirowall 9mm RendaClad board, adhesively and mechanically fixed onto th 200mm EPS and sheathing board was used in areas up to 2.4 meters and incorporates a high impact mesh there on after. This proposal had to pass a series of stringent impact resistance tests before the NHS could be satisfied that it met with their requirements.

Interfacing details were undertaken with extreme care using a hot wire cutter to ensure an accurate cut within the required tolerance.

A nano equalising paint was applied as a special finish, providing self-cleaning properties to the white facade and emphasising the eye-catching colour variations of the feature panels.

Main contractors Interserve were extremely happy with the overal results achieved in the application and its aesthetical appearance and hope to partner SPSenvirowall on future opportunities.