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SPSenvirowall Cavity System 2 brings safety benefits to a state-of-the-art retirement village  

With 260 homes, Solihull Retirement Village is a new architectural identity and important gateway site in the West Midlands, providing an active community with facilities designed specifically for the comfort of retired residents and is the first development to utilise SPSenvirowall’s Cavity System 2.   

As part of its commitment to fire safety and wellbeing of its residents, the client invested heavily in building materials with the highest fire safety standards. As a result, SPSenvirowall’s Cavity System 2 was specified as a crucial consideration for the design of the external wall to prevent the rapid spread of fire from one home to another. Classed as A2-s1, d0 fire rated in accordance with BS EN13501-1, the Cavity System 2 was the ideal choice.

SPSenvirowall’s Cavity System 2 consist of EuroClass A1 components which are mechanically fixed back to a 9mm inner sheathing board to create the designed cavity width. Additionally, the system includes a 15mm A1 non-combustible fillets and 60mm – 130mm mineral wool external wall insulation with SpeedySlips and EnviroSil which creates the attractive façade.

The main elevation of the retirement village creates a strong focal point from the main road. Careful consideration for the character of the surrounding area was given to provide a balanced appearance by utilising blocks of varying height, depth and facades.

Much of the 13-storey elevation at the front of the building is clad utilising a 1.5mm EnviroSil topcoat and brings balance to the adjoining blocks which are clad in our red flexible SpeedySlip brick. 

The outstanding self-cleaning properties of EnviroSil made it the ideal choice and provided an advantage given the development’s landmark position and as a result, will allow the façade to maintain its cleanliness for years to come.

The choice of red flexible SpeedySlip bricks not only provides the safety features desired by the client but was also a vital contribution to the appearance of the development by reflecting the nature of previous and existing buildings.

SpeedySlip offers a variety of design options to the architect and performs an important function. Its lightweight composition lends itself to both low and high-rise applications, is durable with little to no maintenance cost, appears identical to real brick and most importantly, possesses an A2 rating or better.