• Application: TS Rail, 140mm EPS, Granosil BL27 WG23 WG41
  • Area: Shoreham
  • Client: Beard Construction
  • Project Type: New Build
  • Installer: Square 1
  • Shoreham Academy Case Study

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SPSenvirowall’s TS Rail System combines aesthetics with practicality at Shoreham Academy.

Installers Square 1, appointed by Beard Construction, utilised SPSenvirowall’s TS Rail EPS to timber frame (SIPS) system for its development of Shoreham Academy – to provide a high quality and efficient solution for the external façade of the building.

The TS Rail system was preferred for its suitability for use on lightweight framed structures of either metal or timber with the advantages of the extensive range of finishes available and accreditations that it offers. It consists of a pre-engineered insulation board that sits within a PVC rail framework which is then mechanically fixed to a sheathing board, providing drainage cavity behind the insulation system.

Square 1 were able to utilise over 800m2 of 140mm EPS to meet the desired thermal requirements and by using a simple palette of SPSenvirowall’s blue and grey 1.5mm Granosil, were able to produce the desired contemporary and modern design.

A Typical System Build Up LSF Includes:

  1. Lightweight steel frame
  2. Internal lining
  3. SPSenvirowall Fabrock 271
  4. Sheathing board min 9mm.
  5. Rockwool facade lamella fire break
  6. Rail system running horizontally and vertically
  7. EPS polystyrene rail system insulation
  8. High polymer modified basecoat with reinforcing mesh
  9. Extensive range finishes available including render, dash and brick options

EPS has a Euroclass fire rating of ‘E’ with a typical lambda value of 0.038W/m2K. It is high impact with compressive strength and can easily be cut on site with no special tools. With a density of 15kg/m3, EPS is a really light product to add to a structure of this type.

Colour Palette

Granosil BL27, WG23, WG41