• Application: TS Rail 90mm Mineral Wool with SpeedySlip
  • Area: Bournemouth
  • Project Type: New Build
  • Installer: MIB
  • Oxford Point Case Study

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New student accommodation part of development across three sites for additional teaching space, student hub and increase in student accommodation.

As part of the development for Bournemouth University which required additional teaching space, offices and student accommodation, this new high-rise building consists of 410 bedrooms, 72 cluster kitchens, common room, study room, management suite, launderette, roof terrace and 2 levels of underground car park.

Approved applicators, MIB installed the SPSenvirowall TS Rail System utilising 80-90mm mineral wool and yellow buff SpeedySlip acrylic brick slip to achieve a thermal performance of 0.15 W/m2K.

The flawless application of SPSenvirowall yellow buff SpeedySlip led to a visually impressive result and provided the building with an eye catching geometric and modern design.

The Benefits of the SPSenvirowall SpeedySlip System:

  • A2 rating or better on all key system components available
  • Lightweight system
  • Cost effective compared to traditional brick slips
  • Ideally suited for both low and high rise applications
  • Long life span and no maintenance costs
  • Colour matching service available